• NO on PROP 14: $5.5 Billion would be spent to increase stem cell research. There is nothing in the initiative that proposes to reduce animal exploitation.

  • BE SURE YOUR VOTE IS COUNTED: PawPAC recommends voting in person, or as soon as your mail-in ballot arrives in October.

  • WRITE TO THE LA CITY COUNCIL: The city of LA is considering banning live markets. Click & paste our talking points & send them to the Council NOW!!

  • PawPAC turned 40! Memories to be added soon to our anniversary page.

  • NEWS RELEASE: PawPAC and Coalition Release Letter to Governor and Surgeon General on Wildlife Markets

  • 2020 ANIMAL LEG: In the midst of COVID & BLM, CA Leg has had extraordinary challenges. Most animal bills will be postponed to next year.

  • For the animals.

2019-2020 Legislative Session

40 years of animal protection.

PawPAC is widely respected in the California State Legislature as effective in helping to elect candidates who will pass humane laws—through endorsements, contributions, and annual voting charts. PawPAC is unique by helping to make sure that the laws protect all animals, whether they are used in farming, entertainment or research, or make their home in the wild or with people.

Nothing is more powerful than the written word—especially when it's written in a law book! The lives of millions of animals can be affected overnight when new laws go into effect every January 1.


2020 Session

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the Legislature this year, significantly shortening the session. Bills addressing COVID, homelessness and wildfires took precedence, with only a few other bills. We normally see about 100 animal protection bills. In 2020, only a dozen bills saw a normal process, of which a number failed passage.



PawPAC is unusual in that it has no paid staff and no office. It is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Our work is effective only when the public is informed, and this depends on every advocate. Would you like to volunteer to help us with this valuable work? Please see our volunteer application here.


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From March through October, our monthly Capitol Alerts will inform you of pending legislation, with talking points to guide you in contacting your legislator. Click here to subscribe to PawPAC's Capitol Alerts.


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Legislators of the Year

  • 2019: Ash Kalra

    Ash introduced six bills that would have a significant, positive impact on animals. Three of the bills were chaptered: AB 454, AB 948 & AB 1162.

  • 2018: Ben Allen & Richard Bloom

    Both legislators introduced multiple bills for animal protection. Ben Allen's SB 1041 to phase out drift gill nets was especially noteworthy.

  • 2017: Richard Bloom

    Richard Bloom's legislation addressed climate change, wildlife, and declared a state dinosaur for the first time.

CA Advocates

  • Try the CA Advocates system

    In 2019, the Legislature added a web portal for uploading advocacy letters. Your letter will follow the bill through each stage of the life of the bill, so that only one letter is needed. Register here.

  • Significant Dates

Floor Results

Passed: Ask Governor to Sign

Failed: Thank the Author

  • AB 1788
  • AB 2152
  • AB 3030
  • SB 54
  • SB 573
  • SB 587
  • SB 1044
  • SB 1175