Friedman | Tweet this! twitter
★★★AB 44 Fur products: prohibition. [support]
Bans the sale of fur products. Companion to AB 273(trapping).
3.12: From committee: Amend, and do pass as amended and re-refer to Com. on JUD. (Ayes 10. Noes 4.)
press conference & advocacy video

Gloria (spot bill)
★★★★AB 128 Horses: protection. [support]
Prohibits the export for slaughter of horses. Re: Modoc Forest roundup.
12.04: Introduced. | 1.07: Read first time.

Gonzalez | Tweet this! twitter
★★★★AB 273 "Wildlife Protection Act of 2019" [support!!]
Fur-bearing and nongame mammals: recreational and commercial fur trapping: prohibition.
Bans recreational and commercial fur trapping.
2.07: Referred to Com. on W., P., & W.

★★AB 202 Endangered species: conservation: California State Safe Harbor Agreement Program Act. [support]
Allows the Safe Harbor Program to continue on an ongoing basis (past the Jan 2020 sunset date).
2.27: Re-referred to Coms on W., P., & W.


Bloom | ★★★AB 366 Animals: blood, blood components, and biologics. (not ready)
Essentially closes commerical animal blood banks and transfers the responsibility to local veterinarians.
2.05: From printer. May be heard in committee March 7.

★★★★AB 454 Migratory birds: Migratory Bird Treaty Act. [support]
Insurance for California migratory birds to continue to be protected if federal law ceases to protect them.
2.11: Read first time.

★★★AB 479 School meals: plant-based food and milk options: California Climate-Friendly Food Program. [support]
Provides monetary incentives to public school districts for including plant-based food and milk options to students.
2.12: Read first time. | 2.13: May be heard in committee March 15.

AB 486 Disaster preparedness: local government: animal wildfire evacuation plan. [support]
Requires an animal owner to create and submit to city or county officials an animal wildfire evacuation plan for any animal for which a permit is required.
2.12: Read first time. | 2.13: May be heard in committee March 15.

AB 527 Importation, possession, or sale of endangered wildlife. [oppose]
Removes protection for crocodiles and alligators from importation, possession and sale.

Why PawPAC opposes this: The State of Louisiana would like to sell California its alligator skins. Progressive Californians and our California legislators do not support trophy hunting, fur trade and the importation and sale of exotic and endangered animals. Legislation was already passed to ban the importation and sale of crocs and alligators, beginning January 1, 2020. This bill would stop the ban before it is implemented. The ban should go into effect as indicated in current law, otherwise this is not fair play.

2.21: Referred to Com. on W., P., & W.

AB 572 California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act. [support]
Ensures companies contracting with the state, and their supply chains, are not contributing to tropical deforestation in the production of wood, paper, pulp, palm oil, soy, beef, leather, coffee, cocoa, and rubber. This editor has requested that the author add cannabis to the list (Section 1(i) ).
2.14: Read first time. | 2.15: May be heard in committee March 17.

Quirk |
★★★AB 733 "Save the Minnows" Hazardous waste: identification: testing. [support]
Requires the Department of Toxic Substances Control to seek out and use alternative methods to the minnow test, for hazardous waste testing.
2.19: Read first time. | 2.20: May be heard in committee March 22.

AB 773 Voter registration: high school pupils. [support]
Would require school districts – in coordination with county election officials – to develop and implement voter education programming for 12th grade students.
3.04: Referred to Coms. on ED. and E. & R.

Mullin |
★★★★AB 839 Climate adaptation: strategy: Adaptation through Resiliency, Economic Vitality, and Equity Account. [support!!]
Directs the Secretary of Natural Resources to develop and implement a proactive strategy for the state to adapt to the effects of climate change, giving preference to communities, habitats, and industries that are disproportionately impacted by climate change.
2.20: Read first time. | 2.21: May be heard in committee March 23.

Maeinschein |
★★★AB 889 Animal research. [support]
Requires animal research labs to submit an annual application to the State Department of Public Health that includes the number of animals used, and for what purpose(s). The Public Health department would post and make publicly accessible this data.
2.20: Read first time. | 2.21: May be heard in committee March 23.

AB 939 California Environmental Protection Agency: regulations. [support]
Requires the California EPA to publicly publish applicable materials at least 72 hours prior to hearings or meetings.
2.20: Read first time. | 2.21: May be heard in committee March 23.

Muratsuchi |
★★★★AB 1040 "Protection of cetaceans: unlawful activities. [support!!]
Prohibits holding captive or breeding of whales, dolphins and porpoises.
2.21: Read first time. | 2.22: May be heard in committee March 24.

Gonzalez/Friedman/Ting |
★★AB 1080 California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act. [support]
Requires the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery to adopt regulations to source reduce and recycle 75% of single-use packaging and products sold or distributed in California by 2030.
2.21: Read first time. | 2.22: May be heard in committee March 24.

Quirk |
★★★★AB 1230 Veterinary medicine: declawing animals. [support!!]
Prohibits declawing of cats or other animals, unless it is for health reasons.
2.21: Read first time. | 2.22: May be heard in committee March 24.

★★★★AB 1260 Endangered wildlife. [support]
Prohibits the importation or sale of: iguana, skink, caiman, shark, stingray, hippopotamus, or a Teju, Ring, or Nile lizard. Can crocodile and alligator be added?
C2.20: Read first time. | 2.21: May be heard in committee March 24.

★★AB 1565 Stray cats: adoption: kittens. [support]
Requires animal shelters to make kittens under 8 weeks immediately available for adoption without a holding period.
2.22: Introduced.

★★★★AB 1586 Pupil instruction: animal dissection. [support!]
Prohibits K-12 private and public schools from performing dissections on invertibrate or vertibrate animals, and encourages alternative education projects, such as the use of 3D models.
2.21: Introduced.

★★★AB 1788 California Natural Predator Protection Act of 2019. [support]
Expands the prohibitions on second generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) to the entire state (previous legislation banned SGARs from wildlife habitats, state parks, wildlife refuges and conservancies.
2.25: Read first time. | 2.23: May be heard in committee March 25.

Atkins/Portantino/Stern | Tweet this! twitter
★★★★SB 1 "California Environmental, Public Health, and Workers Defense Act of 2019" [support!!]
Protects California species in the event that federal law weakens the Endangered Species Act.
12.03: Read first time. | 1.16: Referred to Coms. on EQ., N.R. & W., and JUD.

Allen/Wiener Tweet this! twitter
★★★SB 54 Single-use plastic waste: reduction. [support]
Reduces single-use plastic waste.
1.07: Read first time. | 1.16: Referred to Com. on RLS.

Chang | Tweet this! twitter
★★★SB 64 Dogs and cats: microchip implants. [support]
Requires public shelters to microchip animals before adopting or returning to guardians.
1.07: Read first time. | 1.16: Referred to Com. on B., P. & E.D.

★★★SB 258 Department of Community Services and Development: grants: homeless shelters: pets and veterinary services. [support]
Appropriates $5M in grants to qualified homeless shelters to provide shelter, food, and basic veterinary services for pets owned by homeless people.
2.12: Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment. | 2.13: May be acted upon on or after March 15.

Hueso | Tweet this! twitter
★★★★SB 313 Circus Cruelty Prevention Act. [support!!]
Prohibits the use of wild or exotic animals in traveling animal acts.
2.15: Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment.

SB 395 Accidental taking and possession of wildlife: collision with a vehicle. [oppose]
Would require the DFW to issue wildlife salvage permits to recover, possess, use, or transport, for purposes of salvaging wild game meat for human consumption of, any deer, elk, antelope, or wild pig that has been accidentally killed as a result of a vehicle collision on a roadway.

Why PawPAC opposes this: PawPAC believes that animals have their own purpose and are not, nor ever meant to be used by humans, even if accidentally taken. The wild animal community would be better served to survive on the remains of a fallen animal nearby.

2.28: Referred to Com. on N.R. & W.



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